Support Our Cause

Support Our Cause


Who we are?

1. The landowners of the buffer zone PKGS
2. The aborigines and operators from Kg Orang Asli Hulu Kemensah and Kg Org Asli Gombak
3. The local food and beverages operators from Kemensah to Gombak
4. The recreational and tourism operators in Kemensah and Gombak
5. The agricultural operators and poultry farm owners from Kemensah until Gombak
6. The Environmental Law Department from International Islamic University Malaysia
7. The Geochemical Scientist and Engineers from Mining Energy and Resources Academy (MERA)
8. Nature lovers and public supporters

Currently the landowners of the buffer zone together with the operators from the local community, professionals and academia are working under one roof to collaborate with the State in the effort to promote the sites at UNESCO level.